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Think Quarterly’s Innovation Issue

Esta nota fue publicada por el 01 / Aug / 2011 a las 11:39 hrs.

In case you have not yet heard of Google’s magazine “Think Quarterly”, we are pleased to make the first acquaintance.

In Google’s own words, this is what the publication is about:

“We use research, analysis and insights –from inside and outside Google – to inform our decision-making and our products. We’ve spoken to a lot of our partners about how to help them access the same insights and conversations that inform our strategies, and today we’re announcing a thought experiment for our clients called Think Quarterly. It’s intended to be a snapshot of what Google and other industry leaders are thinking about and inspired by today.”

A few picks, from the magazine’s last issue on innovation:

Nike’s VP of Sustainable Business and Innovation, Hannah Jones, picks 10 people, products, trends and ideas that embody the meaning of disruptive innovation.

Innovation consultant Kursty Groves offers a practical guide to transforming your office space into a place that wears its heart on the wall.

Catalyst of chaos Ray Kurzweil argues that innovations in biogenetics and nanotechnology are creating a new future for humanity.

Google’s Think Quarterly features no advertising and is free to view.

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