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Internationally recognized personalities of Business Innovation


Steven Pedigo

The New Global Economy.

Steven Pedigo serves as the director of research for the Creative Class Group, a global think tank comprised of leading researchers, academics and strategists. In this role, he provides cutting-edge analysis of economic and demographic trends for communities, Fortune 500 companies and major media outlets across the globe. Steven has managed team of expert researchers to provide business intelligence for an array of clients such as BMW, Pinewood Studios, IBM, Zappos.com, Le Meridien Hotels, Emaar Canada and Kiplinger’s Magazine.


Raphael Louis Vitón

New Paradigms in Business.

Raff calls himself a Ringleader because he loves to solve problems and empower curiosity through the use of disciplined process, prioritized strategy, and orchestrated serendipity. This passion for a repeatable creative problem-solving engine, led him to join Maddock Douglas a number of years ago as the President, COO, and part owner.


Clyton Taylor

Customer Relevance.

Clynton uses his experience in organizational psychology, marketing and brand strategy, and design to help companies become more innovative, build new businesses, and deliver meaningful experiences to their customers. Prior to Scansion, Clynton spent over a decade at the innovation strategy firm Jump Associates in several leadership roles.


Jeff Mau

Being Unique and Competitive.

Jeff Mau is an independent Experience Design consultant bringing thought leadership in product development to clients in the automotive, telecommunications and retail industries. As visiting professor at CEDIM, Jeff teaches Being Unique and Competitive in the MBI program.


Patrick Jordan


Patrick Jordan is a consultant to many of the world’s most successful companies and to the third sector (charities and voluntary organizations). He was a policy advisor to the UK government from 2000 to 2010. He has a PhD in psychology and honorary chairs at a number of universities including University College London and Loughborough University. He is Chair of Design Psychology at Middlesex University London and a Professor on CEDIM’s MBI course.


Idris Mooteé

Strategic Planning.

Idris is one of the most sought after board level advisor among Global 2000s. Clients include Samsung, LG, UBS, Citibank, Cisco and Burberry. His intellectual agility allows him to reduce complex business problems to their practical essence. Idris works with global leaders on corporate strategy and transformation, board related topics including innovation strategy, business model innovation and provides counsel to CEOs and management boards on critical strategic matters in strategy and innovation.


Joe Kim

Innovation Leadership.

Joe Kim is the Head of Innovation at Twist, where he combines strategic and creative thinking to help brands solve marketing and innovation challenges. Joe is also an entrepreneur that has started three companies of his own, including his most recent: The Big Idea Academy, an innovative educational program that inspires creative problem solving and teaches innovation to high school students.


Mathew Lincez

Innovation Implementation.

Mathew specializes in developing and applying design research and strategic foresight methods to the fuzzy front end of innovation. Over the past 10 years he has acquired a diversity of global experience, working across CPG, consumer electronics, mobile telecom, health care, education, and the financial services industries, with leading organizations and brands including: Diageo, Pepsico, Tyson Foods, HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Whirlpool, Smarttech, TD Bank, Liberty Mutual, Prudential and Aviva.


David Charron

Innovation Models.

David is Senior Fellow and member of the professional faculty in the Entrepreneurship Program at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. He has also served as Executive Director of the Berkeley Innovative Leadership Development Initiative (BILD) and as the Executive Director of the Haas School’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation program, the Lester Center.

Peter Azmi

Business Models.

Peter holds a Masters and Doctorate degrees from the University of Toronto. During and subsequent to Peter's graduate studies, he founded and supported several startup ventures. Perviously, Peter worked in healthcare investment banking and in academic technology transfer. Peter has led the commercialization of several assets including: educational programs and materials, industrial enzymes, bio-engineered plant technologies, new therapeutic targets and medical devices. Peter regularly works with academia, industry and government to support and promote new enterprises and to support the formation of new start-ups.

Mark Zawacki

Business Plan.

Mark Zawacki is a business strategist, Board advisor, keynote speaker and angel investor. He is the Founder of two strategy consulting firms: 650 Labs and Milestone Group. He has advised more than 200 clients globally on a myriad of growth and revenue-related initiatives including business strategy, innovation, business and corporate development, alliances/partnering, go-to-market strategies and international expansion. His clients have included Microsoft, McDonalds, MasterCard, Cisco, Citi, Intel, SAP, VeriSign, NTT, Bhs, GSMA, SMART, Volvo, SITA, Norsk Hydro, Occidental Petroleum, UBS, Swisscom and Symantec.


Ulrick Noel

Funding Your Idea.

Ulrick is at his core a problem solver, an avid learner and patient mentor. Ulrick has consulted for many Fortune 500 executives on several strategic topics; he is used to thrive on demanding situations on boardrooms however he is also passionate to find value anywhere from the streets of Mexico City or Nairobi to the meeting rooms on Wall Street. Ulrick is committed to help clients to realize value immediately and build sustainable advantages. As a consultant, his experience include M&A, Post merge integration, Global Operations Strategy, Market Entry, Go to Market, Operations Optimization and Product Development.

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