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Master Class | Organizational Design

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With our Master in Business Innovation and our Certificate in Innovation and Design Thinking, CEDIM has been the pioneer and leader in Mexico offering postgraduate education and training at the intersection of business and design. These two programs have formed multiple generations of innovators with a human-centered approach to business growth.

However, new approaches to innovation are emerging. Some of them are complementary to human-centered design while others depart radically from it. Yet, all of them are becoming increasingly necessary for those that want to challenge the status quo.

For this reason, CEDIM Innovation Programs is launching a new set of short courses that explore these new methods for innovation.

One or two weekend-long sessions, from Friday to Sunday.


The Master Classes are aimed at both experts that want to raise their game and beginners that are looking for a more appealing road into the field of innovation. Our students come from a variety of backgrounds: design, engineering, entrepreneurship, corporate business, advertising and marketing, education, arts, the public sector, non-governmental organizations and more.

As with all our Innovation Programs, the Master Classes are accessible for people with a busy schedule. They consist of one or two sessions taking place over the weekend, from Friday to Sunday. Most importantly, they are taught by global experts in each of these fields – making each of them a unique opportunity to situate oneself at the forefront of international developments in the world of innovation.

Responsive Organizational Design

Organizations around the world are struggling to keep up with accelerating shifts in markets, technology and culture. Those that are succeeding not only have strong products, people, and technology – they also operate in a fundamentally different way. We call this new paradigm responsive because it creates organizations that are able to process change at speed – harnessing it to reveal new ways of organizing and working that are more fit to today’s environment.

For over half a century, movements like lean manufacturing, learning organizations, and agile software development have introduced new models for growing organizations. In recent years, systems like Sociocracy and Holacracy have taken center stage, favoring continuous reorganization and distributed authority in the face of constant change. In the meantime, a sense of urgency grows inside today’s legacy organizations. With the average lifespan of firms on the S&P 500 continuing to plummet – from 60 years in 1960, to 15 years today – a critical question emerges. How can we organize to tackle meaningful problems today, at scale – and not break?

During this highly-participatory 3-day workshop, we’ll provide a thorough introduction to responsive organizational theory; share case studies on seeding and scaling new ways of organizing and working; and practice designing teams fit to thrive in the 21st century.

This Master Class takes place over a one-weekend session:

“For more information on responsive organizations, visit Responsive.org

International experts


Bob Gower

Bob Gower is an author, consultant, and coach who’s guided agile adoptions in several organizations including Ford, Travelers, and SunTrust. He holds an MBA in Sustainable Management from the Presidio Graduate School, is a Certified Positive Psychology Practitioner, and is the author of Agile Business: A Leader’s Guide to Harnessing Complexity. He’s currently on the team at Undercurrent where he advises leaders at Fortune 100 companies.

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