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Master Class | Retail Innovation

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With our Master in Business Innovation and our Certificate in Innovation and Design Thinking, CEDIM has been the pioneer and leader in Mexico offering postgraduate education and training at the intersection of business and design. These two programs have formed multiple generations of innovators with a human-centered approach to business growth.

However, new approaches to innovation are emerging. Some of them are complementary to human-centered design while others depart radically from it. Yet, all of them are becoming increasingly necessary for those that want to challenge the status quo.

For this reason, CEDIM Innovation Programs is launching a new set of short courses that explore these new methods for innovation.

One or two weekend-long sessions, from Friday to Sunday.


The Master Classes are aimed at both experts that want to raise their game and beginners that are looking for a more appealing road into the field of innovation. Our students come from a variety of backgrounds: design, engineering, entrepreneurship, corporate business, advertising and marketing, education, arts, the public sector, non-governmental organizations and more.

As with all our Innovation Programs, the Master Classes are accessible for people with a busy schedule. They consist of one or two sessions taking place over the weekend, from Friday to Sunday. Most importantly, they are taught by global experts in each of these fields – making each of them a unique opportunity to situate oneself at the forefront of international developments in the world of innovation.

Consumer & Retail Innovation

Retain Innovation will guide students through the process of identifying and developing solutions and strategies for next generation of consumer and retail experiences. The class will begin with an overview of changes and disruptions that are shaping the consumer landscape. Next, students will be guided through a structured process for developing actionable insights and using them to develop contextually relevant and scalable retail innovation strategies and solutions.

This Master Class takes place over a one-weekend session:

International experts


Tony Bynum

For over 25 years Tony has helped companies and organizations connect with users of products, services and experiences through user-centered design strategies for clients in a wide range industries. As a Director in RTC’s Innovation and Strategy group, Tony applies the tools of innovation planning and design thinking to help clients achieve strategic clarity by reframing competitive and market challenges into opportunities for growth and disruptive innovation.

Tony holds an MBA from Lake Forest Graduate School, as well as Masters Degree in Human-Centered Design with a focus in Innovation Planning from IIT’s Institute of Design and has completed Masters course work in Organizational Psychology & Development at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

Mexico City
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