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Master in Business Innovation

A new model to train future innovators

— International leadership, entrepreneurial experience and expertise in developing


Master in Business Innovation (MBI) is a two-year program focused on developing innovative strategies for business in the context of the new global economy. International experts will mentor students as they develop a personal project and learn about new entrepreneurial paradigms, useful methodologies and inspiring case

Study on weekends

— An accessible schedule, from Friday to Sunday, once a month


The two-year program is divided into six modules. Students will review the six processes required to develop innovative business strategies: from embracing the new context of business to planning the future of a company./p>

All modules are divided into two courses. Each course presents an individual subject, such as “Customer Relevance”, throughout two sessions.

The curriculum is a business innovation process

— A step-by-step deep, methodical process to exploit new ideas successfully.


In content and style, the MBI curriculum has been designed to allow students to experientially develop their personal Capstone Projects. Throughout the program, they acquire the skills and tools to create original strategies that generate growth.



Module 1: See

C1: The New Global Economy

This course will provide students with a hands-on approach to finding opportunities for business ventures in the new global economy.

C2: New Paradigms in Business

The aim of the course is to have a better understanding of innovation as a new paradigm for generating ideas for products and services that will give a company a competitive edge on the market.

Module 2: Understand

C1: Customer Relevance

This course will help students understand the Customer Relevance as a new paradigm in business and will provide the necessary tools for new approaches in product innovation based on customer´s needs.

C2: Being Unique and Competitive

This course will study the differentiation strategy of a business firm, with a systemic approach for making the competition irrelevant and creating an uncontested market place.

Module 3: Differentiate

C1: Branding

This course will focus on the brand as a strategic and valuable asset of a firm that communicates emotionally and effectively with customers. Students will develop a brand strategy for their personal projects.

C2: Strategic Planning

This course will look at Strategic Planning as an innovation process that focuses on formulating and implementing a business development strategy to achieve repeatable growth and to unlock new markets.

Module 4: Lead

C1: Innovation Leadership

This course studies the leadership for innovation as the ability to instill a sense of purpose in the organization and to mobilize work towards the goal, creating individuals, teams, and organizations that are able to challenge the "status quo".

C2: Innovation Implementation

This course will study the implementation of innovation as the tool that will guide managers through the unknown critical of a strategic plan for business competitiveness and economic growth.

Module 5: Model

C1: Innovation Models

This course examines models of innovation in the context of a dynamically changing environment of business, outlining different models used to describe the innovation process.

C2: Business Models

This course will give the students the opportunity to learn about the implementation of emerging business models for the development and growth of enterprises in the globalized economy.

Module 6: Grow

C1: Business Plan

This course focuses on the student's entrepreneurial potential and on creating a new business venture. Emphasis is placed on providing rigorous frameworks for paying attention to the many elements that together make up a credible business plan, such as skills, marketing and finance.

C2: Funding Your Idea

This course will give the students the knowledge and skills to research for investors, understand what they are willing to invest, and provide the documentation they need in order to make decisions.

Maestría en Innovación para Negocios.

Validez Oficial de Estudios otorgada por la Secretaría de Educación Pública a través de la Dirección General de Educación Superior Universitaria con número de acuerdo 20110878 de fecha 14 de Noviembre de 2011.

RVOE Ciudad de México: RVOE 20160671, acuerdo vigente desde el 13 de agosto de 2015.


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