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Marcelo Mayagoitia, 1st MBI Generation

Grupo Plenus

At Grupo Plenus, Marcelo is responsible for increasing his company's revenues by developing financial models. Inside the company, he concentrates on the education department, where he aims at transforming a for-profit university, which has recently been acquired, into an "actual university". His goal is to totally transform this institution, meeting the needs of mid to low income level students.

Marcelo praises the content of the courses and the MBI faculty, comprised of world-class professionals that also teach at prestigious universities around the world. He argues that he preferred the MBI over any other Master in Business Administration (MBA) program, because he feels that MBAs nowadays rather give history classes that concentrate on what is about to come.

Alma Villarreal, 1st Generation MBI Student

In this interview Alma Villarreal talks about why she decided to enroll in the MBI program and how the master has helped her develop and grow her image consulting business. Alma describes how her project evolved over time, from being a simple face-to-face personal image consultancy to becoming a virtual consulting platform.

Daniel Sada, MBI 1st Generation

The wine industry.

"I now have a new vision about the world and about my business, about how I communicate with my suppliers and clients. I understand why it is that I do what I do". These are the words of Daniel Sada, who in this interview explains how his business evolved during the course of the MBI program from a small supplier of wine closure solutions to becoming a strategic partner of each of his clients. The MBI program allowed Daniel to earn a deeper understanding of how his industry works and achieve valuable partnerships with important companies in the wine industry, such as Nomacorc, Creative Oak and Cork Supply.

Daniel strongly recommends the MBI program: "It is for people who are not just looking for a title. It is for people who really want to go into innovation."

Amalia López, 4th MBI Generation

Amalia López owns and runs a jewelry business in Monterrey, called Malia Joyería. In this interview she describes how the MBI program has helped her grow her business: "Our sales have increased about 20-30 percent since I started the MBI program."

Amalia addresses specific learnings from courses such as "New Global Economy", "New Paradigms in Business" and "Customer Relevance". She also mentions the group dynamics, her classmates' projects and the richness that background diversity brings into the courses. "Our projects are growing and we are growing together. Everything we learn is pure gold. You don't want to miss anything. I would recommend it a lot. It's one of the best decisions I have made in my life. It's a 100% applicable, a 100% usable. It's a revolutionary way of teaching."

Adolfo González, MBI 1st Generation


Adolfo is a passionate architect who runs an interior design business in Monterrey. In this interview he describes his journey, through the MBI program. In the first stages of the program Adolfo discovered the real values of his business and polished his customers' experience. In the last stages, he discovered a new opportunity in furniture design, and expanded his business in the area of reclaiming and repurposing furniture to create unique accessible designs. Last but not least, Adolfo describes how he created and sold a new small business, that did not have anything to do with his core competencies: a mobile car repair shop.

Claudia Odille Ramírez, 3rd MBI Generation


Claudia's project is about an organic sustainable business platform for a healthy lifestyle. Her project is based on three business models: running educational projects, forming business partnerships with organic farmers and creating her own brand of products for people with food allergies (gluten-, diary- and egg-free).
When Claudia started the MBI program her only goal was to develop her brand. She later realized that she was about to create a bigger movement. Part of this movement is a restaurant project, on which she is currently concentrating.

In this interview, Claudia mentions her favorite MBI courses as well as her learnings from these courses ("New Paradigms in Business" with Joe Kim and "Being Unique and Competitive" with John Freach).
Claudia recommends the program to all entrepreneurs who wish to do something for Mexico, who have a dream and are loyal to that dream.

Ana Lucía Cepeda, 3rd MBI Generation

Human Resources Innovator

Ana Lucía studied Organizational Psychology. Her MBI project is about linking women with flex time job opportunities.

Ana Lucía plays the role of an HR recruiter and at the same time that of a consultant, helping companies apply flex time policies. She sees her role of educating clients in how they can benefit from flex time jobs as essential. In this interview, Ana Lucía also describes her view on the MBI program. She thinks that the program is for people of all ages, who want to launch a business or innovate inside an existing company.

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