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Innovation and
Design Thinking

August 2023

What is IDT?

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An immersive learning experience where participants​ will learn to identify, generate and implement innovative solutions. Innovation and Design Thinking (IDT) is a four month program focused on the design and implementation of innovative solutions that meet the emerging needs of real world users. International experts mentor students as they learn about design thinking and the three pillars of innovation: viability (business), feasibility (capability) and desirability (people).


Can this idea return the investments necessary to achieve success? Economic viability means the product or service being developed has to meet financial goals related to revenue, profit or the internal rate of return.


Do we have the capability required to produce this idea? Can we develop and commercialize this innovation? Feasibility means our organization has the internal capability to transform the idea into a real world solution.


Is this idea really appealing to the people we are trying to sell it to? The innovation, either in the shape of a desirable product, or in the meaningful nature of the experience of the service provided, has to offer an emotional connection and make a strong tie to people’s.



World-class faculty who bring together fresh field expertise, plus sound academic experience, provide this program a unique perspective and real curricular value.

Tony Bynum
Kelly Costello
Jeffery Mau
Module 1
Understanding Innovation
and Identifying a Challenge

Los estudiantes aprenderán conceptos básicos de innovación centrada en el usuario y las etapas del proceso del innovación de problemas y formulación de desafíos. ​ ​

Module 2
User Centered Innovation

Este módulo se centra en los métodos de investigación cualitativos para definir las necesidades y deseos no satisfechos de los clientes. La relevancia del cliente es el nuevo paradigma en los negocios.

Module 3
Idea Generation

La parte más emocionante del proceso creativo: generación de ideas. El objetivo de la ideación es generar un gran conjunto de ideas para el usuario, definir oportunidadades y preguntas relacionadas con cómo poder realizarlo.

Module 4
Prototyping and Testing

Este módulo aborda la creación y validación de prototipos desde el puinto de vista de la viabilidad, deseabilidad y factibilidad. Los estudiantes también se enfocarán en la planificación, la comunicación y el lanzamiento de la nueva idea.

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